How to identify depression

When life gets busy, our emotional health can sometimes take a back seat. But when feelings of sadness, anxiety, and worry linger and impact daily life, it’s important to seek help.

Your guide to colon cancer screenings

Finding colon cancer early, when it’s treatable, is key to surviving it. The good news: There are screening options to fit a range of budgets and needs. Learn about the different types of tests, as well as the lifestyle habits that could help keep your colon healthy.

Made for movement

The way you sit can be the difference between enjoying your day, or ending up with an achy back, a sore neck, as well as a slew of related injuries. Here’s what you can do to stay healthy and on top of your game.  

Your flu shot: what you need to know

The annual vaccine for flu is a quick and effective way to keep yourself healthy, and it’s available at no cost to you. Learn more about stay-well strategies and how to get your vaccine.