Why IBX for business?

Purposeful innovation

Our focus is always on members and their health. We strive to develop innovative tools that will help make the health care experience more convenient, effective, and affordable.

IBX Wire® messaging

Through IBX Wire text messaging and email, our award-winning engagement strategy delivers customized content that guides members to the right tools and resources. By engaging early and often, we’re driving better health outcomes and fostering a healthier, more productive workforce.

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Access benefits anytime, anywhere

Engaging online tools that make it easy for members to manage their benefits. Available anytime, anywhere at ibx.com or the IBX mobile app, members can quickly find a doctor, estimate costs, manage spending accounts, and better understand the benefits, tools, and resources available.

Achieve Well-being

Also through ibx.com and the IBX mobile app, members can use our Achieve Well-being tool, a personalized, customizable program that includes:

  • Well-being Profile: This easy-to-use assessment tool helps your employees get a clearer picture of their overall health and a personalized action plan for improvement.
  • Personal Health Record (PHR): A confidential resource for managing, storing, and maintaining personal health information, the PHR makes it easy for your employees to keep track of their health history like immunizations, tests, surgeries, allergies, and medications.
  • Health trackers: Your employees can monitor and track their activity levels and biometric readings, including weight, blood pressure, labs, and screenings. Health Trackers also collect and compile data from an employee's personal health apps and wearable devices so they can chart their progress over time.
  • Health Content: Health Content is a library of expansive and reliable health information and interactive tools that educates, engages, and enlightens employees on a wide variety of health topics.