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Claims requiring submission of clinical informationLimited categories require the routine submission of clinical information

As a provider, you may be required to submit clinical information to Independence Blue Cross (Independence) before or after Independence processes your claim for services rendered to a member. If clinical information is required to process a claim, Independence will contact you.

Types of claims that may require clinical information

Independence requires clinical information for claims that include to pre-existing conditions or issues pertaining to behavioral health, psychiatric conditions, substance abuse, organ transplants, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, and/or a number of other limited categories.

These categories include the following:

  • Appeals for procedures denied as possibly cosmetic
  • Appeals of claims disputing multiple-procedure payment reduction
  • Appeals of claims requesting additional reimbursement for an unusual surgical procedure
  • Appeals of claims requesting reimbursement in the pre-operational or post-operational period
  • Appeals of claims for medical necessity
  • Appeals of claims for experimental or investigative services
  • Appeals of claims for pre-existing conditions
  • Appeals of claims disputing claim coding edits
  • Audit/investigation requests from our Corporate and Financial Investigations Department
  • Behavioral health claims for which required authorization was not obtained
  • Behavioral health emergency room services for amounts more than $500
  • Claims for procedures that are possibly cosmetic
  • Claims submitted for assistant surgery
  • Claims submitted for team surgery
  • Claims submitted for co-surgery
  • Claims submitted with procedure codes that are unlisted or not otherwise classified
  • Claims submitted with the Modifier 22
  • Claims that require a review for possible pre-existing conditions
  • Emergency room claims submitted with a nonemergent diagnosis
  • Inpatient and outpatient post-service authorization requests

Notwithstanding the above, Independence may continue to require submission of clinical information and other additional information in connection with its review of specific claims. The categories listed above are not intended, nor shall they be construed, to alter or limit our ability to request clinical information in connection with adjudication of claims.