Prescription drug information

Manage your prescription drug benefit

It’s easy to manage your prescription drug benefits online. Log in to the member portal to view and manage your Independence prescription drug plan, administered by an independent pharmacy benefits management (PBM) company.

Convenient ways to get your prescription drugs

Convenient online services

You'll be able to:

  • Price a specific drug and compare savings by using a generic equivalent or switching from retail to mail order
  • Locate an in-network retail pharmacy near you
  • Review your coverage and copayment information
  • Review your retail and home delivery prescription records: Find out what you spent and when and where your prescriptions were filled
  • Access formulary information
  • Access information about your drugs, including side effects, food and drug interactions, and label warnings
  • Download forms

Home delivery pharmacy online services

If your pharmacy benefits plan includes a home delivery prescription drug feature, you can also log in to to request refills of your home delivery prescriptions and track their delivery. Home delivery may allow you to get up to a 90-day supply of your maintenance medication conveniently shipped to you for free.1

Never used home delivery before? Complete this form and mail it in to get started.

Prescription cost-share assistance

Cost-share assistance may be available in the form of a manufacturer coupon or copay discount card and is often available for specialty drugs.

Enrolling in a drug manufacturer’s cost-share assistance program may substantially reduce or completely cover your cost-share for a drug you are taking.

We are available to help you take advantage of this type of assistance. For many of the drugs where manufacturer cost-share assistance is available, we can:

  • Provide details about the cost-share assistance available specific to your medication(s) and what your expected cost will be when you refill your prescription
  • Help you enroll in the manufacturer program
  • Coordinate with your pharmacy to ensure copay assistance billing information is on file
  • Answer questions you may have about the program

When you choose to use this type of cost-share assistance, dollars paid by the manufacturer will not be applied to your deductible (if applicable) or out-of-pocket maximum. Only the amount you paid out of pocket with your own dollars will be applied. And you will never pay more than your existing prescription benefit copay/coinsurance.

Please note: Prescription drug benefits vary by plan. Please refer to your plan benefit booklet for additional information by logging in to the member portal at

Know your options — before you need them

Make the most of your benefits by getting the most from your health care dollars. Here are some other important ways to save on care:

Preventive drugs for adults and children

As required by the Affordable Care Act, your Independence Blue Cross (Independence) prescription drug plan includes certain preventive drugs without cost-sharing.

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Safe prescribing

Learn how our prescription drug benefit uses safe prescribing procedures to allow you access to the drugs you need while also keeping you safe.

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1 Prescriptions may also be available for up to a 90-day supply at participating retail pharmacies for the same mail order member cost.