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The Comprehensive Care Program

Independence has entered into an agreement with an independent company to provide certain comprehensive care services to eligible Independence members who have multiple chronic conditions and may experience frequent hospitalizations. This program is available at no additional cost to these members.

What is the Comprehensive Care Program?

The Comprehensive Care Program is designed to enhance quality care for eligible Independence members. The program offers a care team that can include a physician, nurse practitioner, social worker, pharmacist, dietitian, behavioral health specialist, and team of care coordinators who will work directly with you to ensure that the member receives the personalized care they need as quickly and as frequently as they need it. The clinician-led program supplements the care patients receive from you, their primary care provider (PCP), and helps execute patient care plans via:

  • House Calls
  • Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Post-acute Care
  • Preferred Skilled Nursing Facility Program

The program’s care team sees program members face-to-face as their medical needs require, whether that is inside the patient's home or at one of the program's preferred SNFs. This program is available to a small number of Independence members who have multiple chronic conditions. Transplant patients are not eligible for the program.

You will receive a confirmation letter and a phone call notifying you if one of your Independence patients has agreed to participate in the program. You may be asked to share patient clinical information with the program care team, and they will also keep you informed of patient visits and care plan updates.

For more information

For additional questions or to speak with a program clinician about your patients participating in the program, you can call the 24-hour toll-free Concierge Support Line at 1-844-902-2345.