Find doctors and hospitals

Traveling? Find providers worldwide.

Wherever and whenever you travel internationally, Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core makes it easy for you to locate a provider. You can access:

  • Hospitals and doctors in approximately 170 countries and territories around the world
  • 800 and collect-call number for 24-hour member assistance
  • Searchable, online provider directory
  • Detailed provider information

Information for travel destinations

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core website offers members extensive online travel information, resources and references for specific destinations.

  • Create customized destination reports and maps
  • Get detailed health reports, including suggested immunizations, recent outbreaks, health advisories, and food-and-water precautions
  • Find helpful emergency numbers, telephone codes and a currency converter
  • Download International claim forms and Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core brochures

Click, plan, travel

Start your trip on the right foot. Visit the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core website before you travel.1 To log on, you will need your Independence Blue Cross ID number – starting with the three-letter alpha prefix – located on your ID card.

Get started

1 To find out if Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core is available to you, call the number located on the back of your ID card.