Small business

Additional workplace benefitsFor small businesses

We’ve teamed up with industry-leading companies to give you affordable, flexible options to pair specialty products and services with your Blue Solutions® medical plans. Offering these additional workplace benefits can help improve your employees’ overall well-being and provide financial stability in case of unexpected injury or illness.

You have the option to pair your medical benefits with Guardian products. Offering these products helps you attract and retain talent, while helping employees save more toward the cost of higher education. Employees enrolled in The College Tuition Benefit® and Guardian partnership products1 can stack their tuition rewards. Every year they remain covered, Tuition Rewards® Points can be combined into one account, making it easier to award them to eligible students.2

Critical illness, accident, and cancer insurance

Help employees manage expenses if they’re faced with unexpected injury or illness.

Hospital indemnity insurance

Reduce your employees’ out-of-pocket costs when an illness or injury leads to the hospital.

Disability insurance

Help employees pay for unexpected expenses due to a short- or long-term disability.

Life insurance

Help employees ensure that their families have financial resources when they need them most.

International health solutions

Make it easier for employees to access health care when traveling and working internationally.

AblePay Health (AblePay)

AblePay makes it easier for members to understand and pay for medical bills through a single website, while allowing members to save up to 13% on out-of-pocket medical costs.

The College Tuition Benefit®

Give employees a way to earn Tuition Rewards® Points to help them make higher education more affordable for their children or other family members.

GradFin Student Loan Solutions

Providing services from GradFin can help your employees and their families find the best strategies to save for college while reducing their student loan debt.

1 Eligible products: Guardian Accident Insurance, Guardian Cancer, Guardian Critical Illness, and Guardian Hospital Indemnity

2 Employees must contact The College Tuition Benefit at 844-244-4086 to request that their Tuition Rewards Points accounts be combined in order to stack Tuition Rewards Points

AblePay Health is an independent company that provides financial services to Independence Blue Cross members.

The Tuition Rewards program is provided by The College Tuition Benefit, an independent company. Neither The College Tuition Benefit nor Sage Scholars, Inc. provide Blue Cross products or services.

GradFin, LLC., an independent company, is providing a student debt refinancing program to customers of Independence Blue Cross. GradFin, LLC does not provide Blue Cross products or services. This is a value-added program and not a benefit under an Independence health plan and is, therefore, subject to change without notice.