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Health plans for children

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The Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is a state- and federally-funded health insurance program that provides health insurance coverage to all children who meet eligibility guidelines and are residents of Pennsylvania. As an administrator of CHIP, Independence Blue Cross (Independence) provides CHIP coverage through Keystone Health Plan East (KHPE) HMO for children residing in our service area of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties.

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No family makes too much for a child to enroll in CHIP. Family size and household income will determine if a child is eligible for free, low-cost, or full-cost CHIP insurance.

Your Child's CHIP Coverage

Your child’s CHIP coverage through Keystone Health Plan East can help in many kinds of ways. Watch this video to learn what CHIP covers and how you can help make sure your child is getting the most from his or her health insurance benefits.

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Find a CHIP network provider

KHPE HMO provides CHIP coverage through a large network of participating physicians and hospitals. United Concordia provides dental benefits through a large network of participating dentists. Davis Vision provides preventive vision and eye wear benefits.

CHIP coverage

The CHIP KHPE plan provides coverage for:

  • Doctor office visits
  • Prescription drugs
  • Dental
  • Eye care and eyeglasses
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Emergency care
  • Hearing care
  • Home health care
  • Hospitalization
  • Immunizations
  • Laboratory/X-rays
  • Pregnancy
  • Behavioral health/substance use

View our Resources section to learn more about CHIP coverage.

CHIP eligibility

To enroll in CHIP, a child must:

  • be under age 19;
  • be a resident of Pennsylvania;
  • be a U.S. citizen, a U.S. national, or a qualified alien;
  • not be covered by any other health insurance plan;
  • not be eligible for, or covered by, Medical Assistance or Medicare.

CHIP family size and income

A CHIP premium, if any, is determined by family size and household income.

Legal note: If your family income falls below the minimum income level for Free CHIP in the CHIP family size and income link above, your child may be eligible for Medical Assistance. If your child appears eligible for Medical Assistance, Independence will forward your child's application to the County Assistance Office.

Apply for CHIP

If you believe your child meets the basic eligibility requirements, you can apply by mail, phone, or online.

Apply by mail

Download a CHIP application and follow these important steps:

  1. Complete the application
  2. Print clearly and answer all questions
  3. Sign the application
  4. Attach documentation as instructed
  5. Mail the completed form and all income documentation to:
    Independence Blue Cross
    P.O. Box 13449
    Philadelphia, PA 19101-9552

Remember to sign the application and attach proof of all income. Without this information, the application cannot be processed.

Apply by phone

Apply by phone or, if you need help, please call 1-800-464-5437 (TTY/TDD: 711).

Apply online

You may also apply online using COMPASS, Pennsylvania’s online application system. Please visit

Contact us

For more details, please call 1-800-464-5437 (TTY/TDD: 711).

If you would like to send us a request, our mailing address is:
Independence Blue Cross
P.O. Box 13449
Philadelphia, PA 19101-9552

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Wellness programs

Our Healthy LifestylesSM programs are designed to educate and encourage healthy behavior through active participation. Whether you want to enroll in one of our Healthy LifestylesSM programs such as fitness, smoking cessation, or weight management,¹ or get help managing a chronic health condition, our innovative well-being programs help educate and encourage healthy behavior. For more information, call the Health Resource Center at 1-800-275-2583 or 1-215-241-3367.

1 Healthy LifestylesSM fitness, smoking cessation and weight management programs are available for members 18+ years of age.

Member publications

Healthy Kids Now is the newsletter mailed three times per year to parents of CHIP members. It provides valuable information on your child's CHIP coverage, preventive and general health, and parenting.

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Frequently asked questions

To be eligible for CHIP coverage, a child must not have other health coverage when they become effective on CHIP.
Households eligible for Medical Assistance, also known as Medicaid, are not eligible for CHIP.
No. There are no upper income limits to enroll your child in CHIP.
You may enroll your child in CHIP, and you may remain enrolled in your group plan, as long as your child is disenrolled from your group plan when they become effective on CHIP. Some groups might have guidelines for when you can disenroll your dependents. Be sure to check with your Group Benefits Administrator for details on timing.
CHIP coverage ranges from No Cost to Low Cost to Full Cost options. View our CHIP premium information.
No. CHIP coverage is offered as a package that includes medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage. Coverage cannot be purchased separately. Learn more about CHIP benefits.
  • Income amounts for your entire household before taxes during the last 60 days. This includes income from employment and all other forms of income (for example: social security, pension, workers' compensation, unemployment, child support, etc.)
  • Social Security Numbers and birthdates for all applicants
  • Day care expenses for your household (if any)
  • Work transportation expenses for your household (if any)
  • Private health insurance information (if you have or had private health insurance in the last 90 days)
Download a CHIP application.
It normally takes 3–4 weeks for applicants to be notified.
To change your child’s PCP, simply call the Keystone Member Help Team at 1-800-464-5437 (TTY/TDD: 711).
Your child does not need a referral for routine vision care. Routine vision care benefits are administered by Davis Vision. A Davis Vision participating provider can be located by calling the Keystone Member Help Team at 1-800-464-5437 (TTY/TDD: 711).
No. CHIP from Independence Blue Cross is only available to Pennsylvania residents who live in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties. For information about available coverage in your county or state, call your local Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan or your State Department of Health.
Emergency services do not require a referral for treatment from the PCP. If you believe your child needs emergency services, call 911 or go immediately to the emergency department of the closest hospital. You may also visit an Urgent Care Center.