Why IBX for business?

Improving care in every community

Value-based programs

IBX is a leader in driving value-based health care through our Facilitated Health Networks, which is a results-driven, innovative approach to:

  • Engage doctors and hospitals in financial arrangements that drive shared accountability
  • Enable providers with powerful payer-provider data-sharing to more effectively coordinate, manage, and monitor patient care
  • Empower doctors with practice-specific programs and support

More than 48 percent of providers participate in Independence's value-based programs, which results in improved health outcomes, cost savings, and lower utilization rates.

Health value optimization

IBX has optimized our medical management savings to ensure members receive high-quality health care in the safest setting. As a result, we are:

  • Integrating our medical and pharmacy policies to provide a holistic view
  • Harnessing advanced data mining capabilities to optimize data integrity, claims payment accuracy, and make recoveries more frequent

Nationwide network access

IBX and the Blues offer a full continuum of data-driven national network solutions to help you improve health care quality and lower costs for your organization and employees.

  • Blue Distinction® Centers for Specialty Care recognize providers with lower readmissions and complications, and greater savings per episode for high-cost surgeries and care.
  • Total Care® unites value-based care programs from the Blues nationwide that improve wellness, prevention, and chronic condition management.
  • Blue HPNSM include providers who consistently deliver higher quality care and lower total costs through care that is patient-centered, evidence-based, and transparent in outcome measures.