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Are you a behavioral health provider?
We encourage behavioral health providers to join the Independence Blue Cross behavioral health network. The overall well-being of your patients is important to us, including their physical health, behavioral health, and equitable access to care.

Credentialing information

Resources for providers

The basics

Policies and guidelines

See our medical and pharmacy policies — plus clinical practice guidelines and details about preapproval for services.

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Tools and resources

Access the PEAR portal and other systems, download forms, and find a wealth of other useful info for providers.

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Claims and billing

Access Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) resources, find claims submission guides, register with Independence, and more.

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Patient management

Find info about our standards of care — plus details about a wide array of preventive care and other patient programs.

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Becoming a provider

Get qualified as an in-network provider and see how we help you through innovation and referrals.

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Contact us

Find important forms, phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, and more.

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News, tools, and useful links

The PEAR portal

The Provider Engagement, Analytics & Reporting (PEAR) portal is a single point of entry for participating providers to easily access tools to help manage the clinical and financial information specific to their provider organization and to obtain plan information to care for their patients. Registration is required.

Useful tools

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Medical policies

Find clinical and claim payment reimbursement positions for services rendered under our plans.

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Electronic data interchange (EDI)

Increase office productivity and improve cash flow with EDI.

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News you can use right now

Ours is an ever-evolving industry, but we’re proud to keep our providers up to date and informed.