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Members with PA dental insurance plans provided by Independence Blue Cross can conveniently search online for network dentists.

Online directory features:

  • Search by dentist or practice name, location, or specialty
  • Compare dentists
  • Get more information such as languages, ages treated, accepting new patient, gender, handicap accessible
  • View, print, download, and email personalized directories
  • View and print a dentist’s location on a map and directions

How did you buy your dental insurance?

On my own - plans for individuals and families

All Personal Choice PPO and Keystone Health Plan East HMO medical plans include pediatric dental essential health benefits.

Through my job - group dental benefits

For Personal Choice PPO group medical plans that include pediatric dental essential health benefits and for Independence adult and family dental PPO plans, select the Concordia Advantage network to find network dentists.

For Keystone HMO and POS group medical plans that include pediatric dental essential health benefits and for the Independence Keystone Managed Dental Care plan*, select the Keystone Managed Dental Care network to find a Primary Dental Office (PDO). A PDO must be selected prior to receiving services. PDO referrals are required for specialist services.

* This plan requires the selection of a Primary Dental Office (PDO) from the Plan’s Managed Dental Care Network. The Member’s PDO provides routine care and arranges or provides most other necessary and appropriate dental services. Except for emergency services, benefits are covered only when provided or properly referred by the Member’s PDO. The manner of accessing benefits through the PDO is made clear in the terms of the Group Contract and Certificate of Coverage.