Large business

Independence Blue Cross Dental — Coming soon!For large businesses

Dental health is an important part of members’ overall health. Independence Blue Cross Dental portfolio and network (IBX Dental) encourages prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment and can help detect serious medical conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes before they become costly problems. IBX Dental gives you a wide variety of customizable plan options that feature rich benefits, a large national network, and value-added services.

For employers

  • Ease of administration: A one-stop-shop for all your health and dental care needs, and one account management team for both dental and medical benefits.
  • A variety of customizable, affordable plan options that feature rich benefits and value-added services allow you to create the type of plans that best meet your budget and employee needs.*
  • Most plans are available as fully insured or self-funded.*
  • Save when you bundle dental with your medical coverage; additional bundling options are available when you add other specialty services products.

For employees

  • Plans designed for prevention and savings: Plans feature 100 percent coverage for most Class 1 diagnostic and preventive services, and unique value-adds that help save on out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Robust network of providers: PPO plan members have access to a large national network of dental providers.
  • In-network savings: Most plans feature both in- and out-of-network benefits, but members will save money, time, and have lower out-of-pocket costs when they stay in-network.
  • Dedicated dental services team: Members receive support to help them get the most out of their benefits and answers to their questions.
  • No waiting periods: Members can begin using benefits on day one.
  • Value-adds: Plans include access to discounts and extra coverage options to help employees save.

* Consult your Independence account representative for underwriting guidelines and funding arrangements.