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Selecting a provider is easier when you know that they’ve been thoroughly vetted. That’s why we carefully review independent performance and quality data before admitting any provider into our network.


Doctors, hospitals, medical equipment, and specialty services

Search for a participating provider by name, location, specialty, or medical procedure.1

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Search for a participating dentist by name, location, or specialty.

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Locate a Davis Vision provider.2

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Where to go for care

ER or urgent care? Know your options — before you need them.

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Urgent care

Urgent Care Centers and Retail Health Clinics can be useful alternatives to visiting your doctor.

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Virtual visits

Visit with a doctor anytime, anywhere through phone, video, mobile app.

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Care away from home

Worldwide options

If you’re traveling, it pays to make sure you’re covered wherever you roam.

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Get medical coverage when you’re away from home.

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1 The provider tool includes information on all physicians, hospitals, and specialty service providers who participate in our managed care plans. Managed care products include Keystone HMO/POS, Personal Choice® PPO, national BlueCard® PPO, and our Medicare Advantage plans.

2 Vision benefits are administered by Davis Vision, an independent company.