Large business

Additional workplace benefitsFor large businesses

Independence has more than just medical and prescription drug benefits. We offer benefits and innovative solutions that can help improve employee morale and their physical, emotional, and financial well-being.

Critical illness, accident, and cancer insurance

Help employees manage expenses if they're faced with an unexpected injury or illness.

Hospital indemnity insurance

Reduce your employees' out-of-pocket costs when an illness or injury leads to the hospital.

Disability insurance

Help employees pay for unexpected expenses due to a short- or long-term disability.

Life insurance

Help employees ensure that their families have financial resources when they need them most.

Uprise Health Employee Assistance Program

Give your employees access to services that help them maintain a better work/life balance.

International health insurance

Make it easier for employees to access quality health care when traveling and working internationally.

The College Tuition Benefit®

Give employees a way to earn Tuition Rewards® Points to help them make higher education more affordable for their children and other family members. Available to all your employees at no charge.

GradFin Student Loan Services

Providing services from GradFin can help your employees and their families find the best strategies to save for college and reduce their student loan debt. Available to all your employees at no charge.