Employer health plans

IBX Better Health For large businesses

IBX Better HealthSM is a care management program that creates impactful relationships with your employees by guiding them to make the smartest decisions about their health — physically, mentally, emotionally, and even financially.

To do this, IBX Better Health brings together award winning engagement tools, predictive analytics, the personalized outreach and support of a multi-specialty care management team, and an enhanced customer service experience from a dedicated team at IBX.

By adding this program to your portfolio, you’re offering more than medical coverage; you’re making an all-around healthier life possible for your employees.

Program highlights

IBX Better Health guides and supports your employees on the road ahead with benefits, including:

  • Smarter insights. Advanced analytics and clinical insights help identify your employees’ health needs and determine when and where to incorporate the right resources based on their personal preferences.
  • Deeper engagement. We build relationships with your employees and keep them connected with the right tools and resources to help them successfully navigate their health journey. This includes one-on-one support from a designated Registered Nurse Health Coach and a multi-specialty care team to help members struggling to manage multiple chronic diseases.
  • Better results. IBX Better Health has helped lower emergency room visits and reduce the number of high-cost claims, resulting in lower health care costs for both employers and employees.

Reach out to your Independence account representative today to discuss how IBX Better Health can meet your needs.