Why IBX for business?

Personalized member engagement

IBX helps your employees understand their benefits and make smart health care decisions through personalized member engagement. Your employees will:

  • Better understand and maximize their health benefits
  • Make informed health care decisions
  • Improve their health and well-being
  • Understand how to use the self-service tools and resources available to them

Access benefits anytime, anywhere

Our online tools make it easy for members to manage their benefits. Available anytime, anywhere at ibx.com or the IBX mobile app, members can quickly find a doctor, estimate costs, manage spending accounts, and better understand the benefits, tools, and resources available.

Achieve Well-being

Our Achieve Well-being tool, a personalized, customizable program, is available through ibx.com and the IBX mobile app. Members can complete a profile, participate in programs, track progress, and access health resources.

Industry-leading engagement

We take a multi-channel approach to reach our members, using award-winning engagement tools and messaging. Through IBX Wire text messaging and email, our engagement strategy delivers personalized content that guides members to the right tools and resources. By engaging early and often, we’re driving better health outcomes and fostering a healthier, more productive workforce.

Learn more about how IBX Wire can engage your employees.

Achieve Better Health with a Health Coach

A Registered Nurse Health Coach serves as a single, trusted point of contact to answer your employees’ questions one-on-one and helps to coordinate their care. Registered Nurse Health Coaches can answer general health-related questions and concerns, provide well-being and preventive health information, and offer support if your employees need treatment for an injury or surgery. Plus, employees with a chronic illness or condition can work with a Health Coach to get help managing their condition.

Reimbursements and discounts

Your employees can stay motivated to reach their well-being goals by taking advantage of reimbursements and discounts. They can earn money back for fitness centers, weight management, and tobacco cessation through our Healthy Lifestyles program. Plus, they can save money with discounts and savings on health-related products and services, local area shops and venues, and fitness centers.

Achieve Well-being@Work

Looking to build health programs for your workplace? Visit our Worksite Well-being site for employers.