Understanding the Nation's Health Trends

The Health of America is a source of insights, information, and powerful stories highlighting how Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) companies are leading the way to better health care — and better health — for America. Through a series of analytical reports, Health of America shares insights into health care trends, affordability, and access for all Americans.

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National decline in childhood vaccines due to COVID-19

Many Americans delayed or stopped receiving routine care during the pandemic. Unfortunately, this meant significant decline in critical childhood vaccinations, which could affect community protections against serious diseases.

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The Impact of Caregiving on Health

An industry-first Blue Cross Blue Shield Association study indicates Millennials are more likely to experience stress-related conditions as a result of caregiving than other age demographics. A collaborative survey from ARCHANGELS found that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased demand for unpaid caregivers, especially in Black and Hispanic households.

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The Benefits of Regular Exercise

Exercise can be a powerful tool to improve health and lower the risk for health conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Unfortunately, most U.S. adults do not meet recommended physical activity levels. This report measures how regular exercise impacts health and health care costs for adults ages 21 – 64.

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Additional Reports

Dig deeper into a wealth of information and research on other health care issues- attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder diagnoses, knee and hip replacement data, CPR training and more.

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