Understanding the Nation's Health Trends

The Health of America is a source of insights, information, and powerful stories highlighting how Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) companies are leading the way to better health care — and better health — for America. Through a series of analytical reports, Health of America shares insights into health care trends, affordability, and access for all Americans.

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The Health of Millennials

Nearly 73 million people in the U.S. are millennials, and data show they are less healthy than Gen X members were at the same age. As this generation will be the largest group of Americans in the workforce, this report examines their overall health trajectory and the impact on the future of a generation.

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Additional Reports

Dig deeper into a wealth of information and research on other health care issues- attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder diagnoses, knee and hip replacement data, CPR training and more.

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Explore data-driven insights through rich storytelling in the first season of BCBSA’s Health of America podcasts. Available from iTunes, Spotify, Overcast, and HealthofAmerica.com.

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