Adult dental benefits at a glance

Small Business Standalone Dental Plans

Blue Solutions plans include pediatric dental coverage for enrolled members up to age 19. Providing your employees and their families comprehensive dental coverage in addition to medical benefits helps protect your workforce and your bottom line. We offer affordable standalone family plans as well as adult dental plans administered by United Concordia Companies, Inc., that encourage preventive care to help improve members’ overall well-being and lower the total cost of care.

Standalone Family PPO Dental Plans

We offer three family PPO dental plans to help your members’ dental dollars go further. Our standalone Family PPO dental plans feature richer pediatric benefits, plus dental benefits and savings for adults — all in one plan:

  • 100 percent coverage of preventive care services, including exams, cleanings and x-rays for children and adults
  • No waiting periods for basic and major dental services for children and adults
  • Cosmetic pediatric orthodontia benefits are offered in our Deluxe PPO Family plan to help you save on out of pocket expenses
  • Out-of-network pediatric dental benefits
  • Our Premier and Deluxe Family PPO plans include a preventive incentive that allows members to apply the full $1,000 annual maximum toward more costly covered dental services, like fillings and crowns
  • Discounts are available from many participating providers for non-covered services, including those that exceed the plan’s annual maximum benefit

Standalone Adult PPO and DHMO Dental Plans

If your employees only need adult dental coverage, we also offer three Adult PPO plans and one Adult DHMO dental plan options for members age 19 and older.

These plans complement the embedded pediatric benefits found in your Blue Solutions health plan:

  • Both PPO and DHMO options offer coverage of diagnostic and preventive services like exams, cleanings, and X-rays, with no benefit waiting periods.
  • PPO plans offer an extensive national network of over 68,000 unique providers at over 250,000 access points nationwide.
  • Our Adult Dental Premier PPO with Preventive Incentive plan pays for preventive services that are not subtracted from the plan’s annual maximum, leaving members the full amount to put toward services like fillings or crowns.
  • PPO members save an average of 56 percent on covered services, and many participating providers offer discounts for non-covered services.
  • Adult DHMO members must select a primary care dentist in the KHPE dental network to manage their care and utilize their benefits.

Independence Blue Cross dental benefits are administered by United Concordia Companies, Inc., an independent company.