Create a Culture of Worksite Well-being

Your employees are your company's greatest asset and their health can dramatically affect your workplace. By launching a well-being program, you can spark positive lifestyle change and create more engaged, productive, and healthier employees.

Build a Program Tailored to Your Needs

With Independence Worksite Well-being, you can create a customized well-being program that will get results with your employee population. With our new self-guided tools, you can choose from an extensive portfolio of seminars and videos, ready-made well-being challenges, operational wellness plans, assessments, toolkits, and communication templates to facilitate cultural transformations. You will also get direct access to recommended vendors for certain onsite services.

Why Should You Start a Well-being Program at Your Workplace?

A worksite well-being program can generate a competitive advantage for your company, including:

  • Employee engagement and retention
  • Greater productivity
  • Higher morale
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Improved recruitment success

Additionally, it can strengthen your organization's culture and build employee pride, trust, and commitment. Investing in a well-being program is a strategic investment in both your company's present and future.

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