Premium Formulary

The drugs on the Premium Formulary have been selected for their clinical effectiveness, safety, and maximized savings. The Premium Formulary maintains affordable medication access and promotes the use of lower-cost alternatives for members of self-funded groups.

The Premium Formulary differs from the Select Drug Program Formulary in that it excludes 72 medications, which all have clinical alternatives included in the Premium Formulary.

Effective Use of the Formulary

Help your Independence patients make the most of their health care dollars. Before prescribing a medication to an Independence member that has the Premium Formulary, please consider whether the drug is included or if a generic equivalent or similar drug is available.

The Premium Formulary is managed and maintained by FutureScripts – Independence does not control how the Premium Formulary is comprised or administered.

*FutureScripts® is an independent company and serves as Independence Blue Cross’ pharmacy benefits manager.