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Select Drug Program® formulary

The Select Drug Program is a formulary-based prescription drug benefits program that includes all generic drugs and a defined list of brand-name drugs that have been chosen for formulary coverage based on their reported medical effectiveness, positive results, and value.

The Select Drug Program formulary is designed to include all therapeutic categories and to provide physicians with a range of prescribing options. To ensure that we maintain flexibility in a cost-effective way, the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee reviews the formulary periodically to add new drugs and to remove brand-name drugs when a generic equivalent becomes available.

Effective use of the formulary

Help your Independence Blue Cross (Independence) patients make the most of their health care dollars. Before prescribing a medication to an Independence member, please consider whether the drug is included in the formulary used in their prescription drug benefit program. If a member is currently taking a drug not on the formulary, you may be able to help him or her save money by changing the prescription to a generic equivalent or to a similar drug on the formulary.

However, the choice is still yours. Regardless of whether a drug is in the formulary or not, you may prescribe any covered medication at your discretion.

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Formulary drug documents¹

¹ Formulary status and maintenance status of a drug is subject to change.