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Health Care Law Overview

You may have heard about the Health Care Law — officially known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — and you might be visiting this site to learn now it affects you and your family.

This Health Care Law section of our website includes important information about provisions of the Health Care Law and the impact they will have on individuals, businesses, and health care providers. We’ve included an overview of the key provisions of the law and a timeline of when these provisions started or when they go into effect, as well as more detailed information that relates to your personal health care.

Here’s a brief description of what you’ll find on our site, including areas you may want to explore:

Health Care Law Basics

Understand the basics of the Health Care Law and, most importantly, what the new changes mean for you and your loved ones.

For Individuals and Members

Find out how the Health Care Law applies to you whether you are currently insured, uninsured, or eligible for Medicare.


Learn how the Health Care Law is impacting small, mid-sized and large businesses.

Health Care Providers

For physicians, hospital administrators, and other health professionals, the Health Care Law is changing many aspects of how health care is delivered.

Our Position

Independence Blue Cross fully supports Health Care Reform and is committed to working with all stakeholders in health care to lower the cost of health insurance and to raise the quality of care. Read more about our position.

Key Provisions

View key provisions of the Health Care Law by year to help you understand how Health Care Reform has already affected and will in the future continue to affect your health insurance coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Health Care Reform brings up many questions. We’ve compiled the most common questions about Health Care Reform from individuals like you.

Glossary Terms

The glossary contains easy-to-understand definitions to help you understand Health Care Reform.

Health Care Law Updates

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