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Care Cost Estimator

Estimate Health Care Costs Before You Go

Did you know that you can estimate your out-of-pocket costs before you schedule a doctor’s appointment or medical procedure? You can, with the new Care Cost Estimator tool.1 It also lets you compare providers by price, based on your specific health plan. Login at ibx.com to use it at home or use it on the go with the IBX App!

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Know Your Options — Before You Need Them

Make the most of your benefits by getting the most from your health care dollars. Here are some other important ways to save on care:

Urgent Care vs. Retail Health Clinics

Learn the differences between urgent care centers and retail health clinics. Then use the Find a Doctor tool to find locations near you.

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How to Save on Medical Costs

The type of health plan you have will dictate where you need to seek primary care, blood work, outpatient surgery, or other health services.

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Types of Health Care Facilities

Know where to go when your doctor isn’t available. If it’s not an emergency, you can save money — and time — by visiting an urgent care center or retail health clinic.

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1 These estimated costs are not a guarantee of your liability. Payment of claims and member liability are based on the terms of your health benefit plan, eligibility at the time the services are provided, co-payments and co-insurance, and the actual services submitted for payment by your provider.

2 Also available for mobile devices.