Direct Ship Injectables Program Specialty injectable medications delivered to your doorstep


The Independence Blue Cross (IBC) Direct Ship Injectables Program facilitates the shipment and precertification (as required) of injectable medications that are not commonly stocked in a physician’s office. For a complete list of drugs that can be ordered through this program, click here.

Note: Items that are not available through this program include most vaccines, antibiotics, chemotherapy, vitamin B-12 injections, and drugs administered by infusion or routinely obtained by the physician at a relatively low cost.

This program is available to all of your patients who have their medical benefits through an IBC managed care program.

Program Details

Please refer to the following information about the Direct Ship Injectables Program:

  • Drug requests. Complete and fax the appropriate request form (see below) to 215-761-9165 along with a valid prescription. Certain medications require preapproval/precertification. For these medications, the request form will also serve as your preapproval/precertification request.
  • Shipment. Medications are shipped to the specified address 2 – 5 business days after the IBC Pharmacy Services department receives the completed request.
  • Billing. The injectable distributor bills IBC directly, eliminating the need for you to bill for reimbursement of the drug.
  • Refills. Ordered refills are automatically shipped out at the appropriate time. You will not need to complete any additional paperwork.
  • Quantity limits. For agents such as Synvisc® and Hyalgan®, quantities are limited to the amount required for one complete course of therapy. Quantities for all other injectables will be evaluated to promote appropriate prescribing.
  • Benefits coverage. Drugs obtained through the program are subject to the member’s contract exclusions and medical necessity review.
  • Preferred brands. Certain injectable drugs have been identified as preferred brands based on their cost-effectiveness to the plan and are highlighted in bold below. Choosing one of these preferred brands does not affect the member’s cost-sharing for the drug.


Please note that the forms below are only for drugs covered under the medical benefit. Injectable drugs listed in bold indicate preferred brands. Choosing one of these preferred brands does not affect the member’s cost-sharing for the drug.

For more information, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-ASK-BLUE.

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