EDI Guides & Samples

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Services is your electronic way to submit information. Independence Blue Cross (IBC) provides several resources below, including links of guides and samples, to help you electronically submit claims with more ease and efficiency.

Dual Claims-Processing Environment

IBC is in the process of transitioning to a new claims processing platform, managed and operated by Highmark, Inc. (Highmark), an independent company. We will continue to migrate our membership to the new platform in stages, generally based on when the customer/member’s contract renews. We anticipate that claims processing for all IBC membership will be transitioned to the new platform by mid-2015.

During the migration, we will be working with you in a dual claims-processing and business-operating environment until all of our business is on the new platform. Please keep this in mind as you use the resources available on this page.

For Migrated Member Claims

For Non-Migrated Member Claims: Guides & Samples

Payer ID Grids

Use the following payer ID grids when electronically submitting claims to IBC (includes information for both non-migrated and migrated members).

Note: Clearinghouses may update their submission rules from time to time. Always contact your clearinghouse for confirmation of up-to-date, specific submission requirements.

Updates on Regulations and Processes

If you are in need of EDI support for IBC claims, Highmark EDI Operations is your first point of contact. Highmark EDI Operations is available at 1-800-992-0246, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., ET.