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Deductible Plans
Blue Solutions® Plus for businesses with 51 – 99 employees

With a deductible plan, employees still must pay copays for the medical care they use most and have 100 percent coverage for certain preventive services. The deductible, an amount employees pay before insurance kicks in, only applies to services such as hospital stays and emergency care. Once the deductible is met, employees are responsible for coinsurance, a percentage of the plan allowance.

Deductible Plan Information

Deductible Plan Features

  • Deductible plans are available in the following product options: Keystone POS, Keystone Direct POS, and Personal Choice® PPO.
  • We can help you create a healthier workforce with Healthy Lifestylessm Rewards.
  • Online account management is available 24/7 via ibxpress.com.
  • Value-added programs including cash rewards, discounts, and wellness resources can help your employees make informed health care decisions.
  • More than 42,500 doctors and over 100 hospitals participate in our extensive provider network.

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