Wellness Programs, Tools, and Resources
Value–added programs

Your employees are your most valuable asset. That’s why we offer the programs, tools, and resources they need to get engaged in their health and make informed health care decisions. Our Healthy LifestylesSM programs offer cash rewards, discounts, and reminders designed to help your employees and their families lead healthier lives.

Cash Rewards

  • Employees get up to $150 back on fitness center fees.
  • When employees quit smoking or lose weight we’ll reimburse them up to $200 on program fees.
  • Employees get money back when they buy a bike helmet, complete a CPR class, or go to a parenting class.

Valuable Discounts

  • Through our Blue365® program, your employees can get discounts on hotels, national fitness clubs, diet programs, laser vision correction, hearing aids, and much more.
  • Members also get exclusive discounts on CorCell®, a program that preserves umbilical cord blood, a resource that can help combat a variety of life–threatening diseases.*

Important Reminders

We’ll help your employees remember to schedule routine tests and screenings, such as:

  • mammograms
  • Pap tests
  • colorectal screenings
  • immunizations

Helpful Tools

Online or on the go, our free, secure, and convenient member website, ibxpress.com, and the IBX Mobile app help your employees:

  • research symptoms;
  • complete a health assessment;
  • engage in an online lifestyle improvement program;
  • record and track important health information;
  • review benefits;
  • find a doctor or hospital;
  • check the status of claims.

* CorCell is an independent company offering discount cord blood preservation services. CorCell does not offer Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield products or services. CorCell is solely responsible for its products and services.