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General Questions
About the New Plans

General questions

About the new plans

General questions

What is Blue Solutions?
Blue Solutions is a portfolio of health care products that promote comprehensive coverage at affordable costs. It was designed exclusively for small group customers (50 or fewer enrolled employees) with the goal of making it easier to purchase a complete health care program. In addition to coverage for hospitalization, office visits, diagnostic tests, and emergency care, these plans are enhanced by including coverage for prescription drugs and vision care.

Why did IBC develop Blue Solutions?
The Blue Solutions portfolio reduces our product offerings to 25 of the most popular Flex–based plan designs. This makes it easier to choose the right plan. These programs also meet the new health care reform guidelines. Plus the new portfolio will help reduce administrative costs and makes our products more responsive to market needs.

How many plans are in the new portfolio?
There are 49 plan options available. They include Keystone HMO and Direct POS, and Personal Choice® PPO plans. The plans are grouped into three categories: copay, deductible, and HSA–qualified.

Will the Blue Solutions portfolio be the only products available for small employers?
Yes. Beginning January 1, 2011, we no longer offer the existing Flex copay, deductible, and HSA plans, as well as the old Personal Choice products that were sold prior to January 1, 2004, to groups with 50 or fewer employees. All new and renewing customers will need to select a plan from the new Blue Solutions product portfolio. However, customers will be able to renew their existing Traditional Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage.

What are some of the additional differences between existing non–Flex products and the new Blue Solutions plans?
In addition to complying with the new federal health care reform regulations, the Blue Solutions plans include prescription and vision benefits. We have increased member cost sharing and included visit/session limits on certain services to help manage costs. You will also notice that emergency room copayments are no longer waived when a member is admitted to the hospital.

Can prescription and/or vision coverage be removed from the plans?
To provide members with coverage that meets all of their health care needs, all new business and renewal customers making a change will select from the Blue Solutions portfolio of products that include prescription drug and vision coverage.

My company does not offer prescription drug coverage now. Are we required to provide this benefit?
At renewal, you will be provided with one recommended Blue Solutions option that does not include prescription coverage. You will also receive two additional recommended plan options that include prescription drug and vision coverage. If you don’t select the suggested plan without prescription benefits, then you must select a Blue Solution plan with integrated prescription benefits.

Will members have access to the same network of participating doctors and hospitals?
’s expansive network of more than 60,000 physicians and more than 100 hospitals. Keystone DPOS and Personal Choice PPO plans will also provide coverage for out–of–network providers. Search our provider network.

Will members still be able to take advantage of the Healthy LifestylesSM programs?
Blue Solutions includes our popular Healthy Lifestyles programs including reimbursement incentives for quitting smoking, joining a gym, and losing weight. Members will also be able to get discounts on fitness club memberships, acupuncture, laser vision correction, and much more. We will also continue to have 24/7 access to a Health Coach.

How is the Blue Solutions portfolio priced?
We designed the plans across price points so you can select a Blue Solutions product that fits your budget.

What about my dental needs?
You will have the option to include dental insurance. There are freestanding dental plans as well as HMO rider options available from United Concordia.

About the new plans

When will the new plans become available?
Beginning October 2011, the enhanced portfolio offers three new prescription plan options as well as four new Personal Choice deductible plans. These are the first PPO deductible options offered in the Blue Solutions portfolio and they give employers the freedom and flexibility of Personal Choice at a more moderate price than the Personal Choice copay plans.

Can I keep my current Keystone Health Plan East or Personal Choice plan?
No. Beginning January 1, 2011, all new or renewing small–group customers must select a plan from the new Blue Solutions portfolio.

How many plans may we select?
Groups with 2–4 enrolled contracts must select one plan for all members. A second PPO option may be added for out–of–area employees only. Groups with 5–50 enrolled may select two plan options and add an additional PPO option for out–of–area employees only.