FSA Questions

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Enrollment for Groups and Members
Flexible Savings Accounts (FSAs)1

Step 1: Enroll a Group

Enrolling a group is simple. In addition to standard information, both Consumerism Group Addendum and BlueSaverSM Health Account Solutions Enrollment applications must be completed.

For complete instructions on enrolling in a BlueSaver FSA, refer to the FSA Group Enrollment checklist (Groups 100+).

Step 2: Enroll an Employee

Non-portal customers

Employees enrolling in a BlueSaver FSA must complete an additional application.

pdf icon Download the BlueSaverSM Health Account Solutions Enrollment Addendum.

Portal customers

To enroll employees in a BlueSaver FSA, an employer must first select the employee in their medical plan option.

  1. In the Transactions menu, click Add New Plan Member.
  2. Enter the employee's demographic information.
  3. On the Select Desired Filter Method screen, select the appropriate line of business from the Product Line drop-down box. Click the Next/Submit button.
  4. On the Select Plan screen, check the box for the medical plan the member has selected.
  5. Click the Next/Submit button.

Note: These same steps are completed for employees who opt out of medical coverage but enroll in an FSA.

On the BlueSaver FSA screen, the FSA start and end date fields default based on the effective date of the transaction and the plan year-end date defined by the employer.

  1. The system defaults to the employer-defined pay schedule. If an employer has more than one pay schedule, additional options are available in the drop-down box to accommodate each pay schedule.
  2. Enter the employee's first FSA payroll date.
  3. Enter the amount to be deducted from each paycheck.
  4. Select Automatic Claims Rollover (Autoroll) option. Options are Autoroll All Claims and Do Not Autoroll.
  5. Click the Next button for a confirmation page. (The confirmation page can be printed after the transaction is submitted.)

1 FSAs and HRAs are administered by AmeriHealth Administrators, Inc., an independent company.