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Medical Plans
Group coverage for 100 or more employees

No matter which Independence Blue Cross plan you choose, you can rest assured that your employees' will receive covered services — from preventive care to hospital stays. Your employees will also be able to take advantage of wellness programs, including health coaches, case management, online health tools, and valuable discounts.

Keystone Health Plan East Plans

All Keystone plans feature:

  • an extensive provider network of more than 63,000 providers and 100 hospitals;
  • easy, electronic referrals;
  • no referrals for OB/GYN care or mammograms;
  • emergency care coverage anytime, anywhere.

Keystone HMO

With a Keystone HMO plan, members select a primary care physician who will coordinate all of their health care needs within the network. The primary care physician also provides referrals to network specialists when needed.

Keystone Point-Of-Service

A Keystone Point-of-Service (POS) plan provides more flexibility than a traditional HMO plan because it allows members to also seek care outside of the network. Members select a primary care physician who coordinates their care at the highest level of benefits, or they can self-refer to any provider and services are subject to deductible and coinsurance.

Keystone Direct POS

The Keystone Direct POS works like a traditional Point-of-Service plan in that members select a primary care physician and can access coverage both in and out of network. But, members are also free to access many specialist services without a referral. Referrals are still required for radiology/lab services, spinal manipulation, and physical/occupational therapy.

Personal Choice PPO

A Personal Choice® PPO plan provides freedom and flexibility. Members have the freedom to see any provider, in or out of network, without a referral. Members also receive in-network coverage across the country through BlueCard® PPO and around the world through BlueCard Worldwide®. Additional plan features include:

  • more than 60,000 physicians and 100 hospitals locally;
  • more than 750,000 physicians and 5,500 hospitals nationwide;
  • emergency care covered anytime, anywhere.

Consumer Driven Health Plans

High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP)

Give your employees more control over their health care decisions and how their health care dollars are spent with an HDHP. These plans have a higher deductible in exchange for lower premiums.

HDHPs are most effective when paired with a savings account, which can be used for health care services or saved for future health expenditures, to create a BlueSaverSM Health Account Solution.


Many employers and groups find that self-funded health plans are an attractive, cost-effective alternative to traditional fully insured plans. Self-funded health plans can offer more control over benefit design and potential cost savings. Independence Administrators offers self-funded health plan third-party administration services that include:

  • access to a national health care provider network with competitive discounts;
  • integrated population health management;
  • custom-tailored plan designs, including consumer-directed health plans;
  • exceptional customer service and online resources.