A healthier workforce offers you significant rewards such as:

  • Cost savings due to better overall employee health
  • Greater productivity and reduced absenteeism
  • Higher employee morale

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Employee Wellness

Healthy LifestylesSM Solutions wellness programs are available with all medical plans, combining easy-to-use online tools and personalized support to empower your employees — from the healthy to the chronically ill — to achieve and maintain their best possible health.

To encourage your employees to make their healthy behaviors second nature, we make it easy for them to stay engaged and motivated with:

  • Online and mobile tools
  • Reimbursements for healthy lifestyle choices
  • Money-saving health and wellness discounts
  • One-on-one interaction with a registered nurse Health Coach

Online and mobile tools drive healthy actions

Your employees can get on the road to good health by using an industry leading suite of health management tools, available anytime and anywhere by logging on at

  • Wellness Profile — This easy-to-use assessment tool helps your employees get a clearer picture of their overall health. After answering some simple questions, they immediately receive a health score and a personalized action plan for improvement.
  • Personal Health Record — Your employees can track their medical history — such as doctor visits, personal health data, and prescription drugs — in one centralized, secure location.
  • My Health Assistant — Using information from the Wellness Profile and Personal Health Record, this online coaching tool guides your employees in setting goals, selecting healthy activities that fit their needs and lifestyle, and tracking their progress to stay motivated.
  • Message boards — More than 50 interactive message boards help your employees learn more about various health and wellness topics from medical professionals and peers.
  • Personalized health content — Your employees’ personal interests drive the health information that appears on their wellness homepage, including news articles and videos. They can also choose to get health and wellness newsletters sent directly to their email inbox.

Your employees can also download our free IBX app to their mobile devices to log in to when they’re on the go.

Reimbursements and Discounts Motivate Healthy Choices*

Your employees can stay motivated to reach their wellness goals by taking advantage of our Healthy Lifestyles Solutions reimbursements and discounts.

We offer reimbursements of up to $150 on:

  • Fitness center memberships
  • Participation in an approved weight management program
  • Participation in an approved tobacco cessation program

Your employees can save even more when they make healthy choices with our money-saving discounts:

  • Blue365® offers savings on a variety of health-related products and services, including Jenny Craig® and Nutrisystem® weight management programs and Reebok fitness gear.
  • Blue Insider discounts help your employees maintain better work-life balance with savings on activities such as shopping, movies, theater, and travel from regional and national companies.
  • The GlobalFit® Gym Network provides membership discounts to 8,000 gyms, fitness centers, and studios nationwide. Your employees can also enjoy discounts on a variety of fitness equipment and a membership with Jenny Craig®, as well as access to a library of fitness and nutrition resources, including a monthly e-magazine, training spotlight videos, and ZUMBA® DVDs.

Registered Nurse Health Coaches Are a Trusted Point of Contact

Health Coaches are registered nurses who serve as a single, trusted point of contact to answer your employees’ questions and help coordinate their care. In particular, your employees with chronic conditions may work with a Health Coach to get help managing their condition.

Health Coaches can answer their general health-related questions and concerns, provide wellness and preventive health information, and help coordinate care if they need treatment for an injury or surgery.

Independence Health Coaches have a 360-degree view of an employee’s health using our innovative Nurse Dashboard tool, which includes claims history, pharmacy utilization, and information from the Wellness Profile. This enables them to have more meaningful and productive interactions to help your employees improve their health outcomes.

* Healthy Lifestyles Solutions reimbursements and discounts are subject to change. Information about reimbursement eligibility requirements and required documentation for reimbursements is available in the Health & Wellness section at

GlobalFit® is an independent company offering gym and fitness product discounts.