Nursing Internship Program

The Nursing Internship Program is an initiative sponsored by Independence and the Independence Blue Cross Foundation (IBC Foundation).

The Nursing Internship Program is open to undergraduate nursing students who have completed at least one clinical rotation prior to the start of the program, and who attend an accredited nursing program in southeastern Pennsylvania supported by the Independence Blue Cross Foundation Nurses for Tomorrow initiative.

All internships are paid, temporary positions and selected interns must be available to work the entire ten-week timeframe, up to 37.5 hours per week. All nurse interns will also attend three full days of professional development Leadership Labs throughout the ten-week summer program to build core competencies such as leadership, public speaking, critical thinking and networking.

Two unique student Nursing Internship Program opportunities are offered through this program.

Nursing Internships at Independence

Bridging the gap between the clinical setting and the practice of health care administration

Student nurse interns placed at Independence get a behind-the-scenes look at how managed health care works in a business setting. They gain a new perspective on the multitude of roles that nurses play in health care administration, including case management, medical policy, quality management, health and well-being, and health informatics, and they acquire an in-depth understanding of the policies and practices of a health insurance company.

Applications for nursing internship positions at Independence will open in November.

Nursing Internships at Community Health Centers

Exploring the challenges and rewards of public health and providing care to underserved populations

Student nurse interns are assigned to area nonprofit, privately funded, community health centers to gain practical clinical experience. These health centers provide free or low-cost care to medically underserved communities throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and have received support through the IBC Foundation Blue Safety Net initiative. Student nurse interns must assist under the direct supervision of nurses, certified registered nurse practitioners (CRNPs), nurse practitioners, or physicians on site at the health center.

Applications for nursing internship positions at community health centers will open in November.

The 2020 program begins on Monday, June 1, and concludes on Friday, August 7, 2020. Selected interns must be available to attend a full-day orientation on Monday, June 1, 2020.

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