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Use the IBX App for claims and benefits information at your fingertips, from bedside to seaside and everywhere in between.

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With up-to-date information about your claims and coverage, step-by-step lifestyle improvement programs, and reliable, relevant health information, ibxpress.com makes it faster and easier than ever to manage your benefits and make the health decisions that are right for you.

And because ibxpress.com uses the strongest encryption methods available, you can rest assured that your personal information is secure.

Get the Most from Your Benefits with ibxpress.com

Get coverage information

ibxpress.com gives you quick, convenient, and secure access to your specific benefits information. You can:

  • Review details about the coverage available to you under your plan.
  • View processed claims.
  • Change your primary care physician (PCP).
  • Order an ID card.
  • Print a temporary ID card.
  • Download forms.
  • Request materials.
  • Email customer service.

Get reliable health information

Searching for health information online can be frustrating and scary. There’s so much available. How do you know what’s really accurate? You can access reliable, personalized, up-to-date health information in one convenient location.

We have decision-making tools to help you understand your health concerns and find the right treatment for them. We even offer tools to help you set, track, and attain your goals for better health.