Help your employees prioritize preventive care

Employees don’t always take preventive care measures despite the numerous health benefits. It can often feel too time-consuming to make appointments or adopt healthy life changes, and many people can feel confused about which actions are the right ones to take for them. But preventive care doesn’t have to be complicated — employees need to know that small changes can make a significant impact.

We’re here to help

On this page, you can access a ready-to-use, multi-touch toolkit of employee communications. It’s designed to promote dialogue and help encourage preventive care within your workforce.

Getting started is simple

1. Address highly relevant topics

Use the communication material in the toolkit to help you connect with your workforce and foster open conversations about three critical preventive care topics impacting us all today.

Proactive care

Educating and reminding employees to take advantage of covered care.

Whole-person health

Emphasizing the connection between physical and mental health.

Healthy habits

Recognizing that each employee’s definition of health is unique.

2. Customize the content to your needs

Download the materials that work best for your communication channels and use them alone or alongside existing communication programs.

3. Activate with ease

Follow the activation roadmap and usage guidelines to help you successfully reach employees online or onsite.

Employee communications

Download individual communication materials to connect with your workforce.

Learn and plan

How-to guide

Learn how to use the toolkit, set your activation plan, and track results.
Format: PDF



Online communications

Digital banners

Preventive care educational ads for use on the company intranet or within other communications.
Format: JPGs in zipped file

Onsite communications

Lobby display screen

Large-format digital display to capture attention and highlight the need for simple, preventive care measures.
Format: JPG in zipped file



Eye-catching promotional pieces to educate employees about the importance of preventive care.
Format: PDFs in zipped file

Tent cards

Self-standing table displays for around the workplace to educate employees on key preventive care topics
Format: PDFs

Direct communications


Email template designed to drive awareness of preventive care.
Format: HTML and images in zipped file


Share resources

One-page resource guide

Customizable template to summarize and promote the preventive care resources available to employees.
Format: PDF


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