What Does Innovation Look Like?

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Addressing the Challenges of Health Care with Innovation

The Center for Health Care Innovation is committed to developing a culture of innovation within our company; identifying external sources of innovation to support our company’s objectives; and helping lead a dialogue among institutions across the health care ecosystem to address some of the largest issues impacting the cost and quality of health care.

We currently focus our efforts on the following areas that we believe will have the greatest impact on transforming the way health care is delivered:

  • facilitating innovation with IBC employees through Innovation Challenges
  • providing a collaborative space to support innovation in Philadelphia and in our industry
  • sponsoring and organizing innovation campaigns and contests and collaboration opportunities with external organizations in the community
  • investing capital, expertise, and other resources alongside traditional venture capital firms to help select companies develop new and innovative technologies that support IBC's strategic goals

You can learn more about what we do in Driving change through health care innovation.