Help Your Employees Focus on Their Behavioral Health

Even before the pandemic, recognizing and addressing the impact of behavioral health on our workforces has been a top challenge. To do our jobs well, we need to feel well mentally and physically — a full-health approach. While many employers have behavioral health programs in place, many employees are hesitant to seek out the support they need.

We’re here to help

On this page, you can access a ready-to-use, multi-touch toolkit of employee communications. It’s designed to promote dialogue and help address behavioral health challenges affecting your workforce.

Communications Toolkit

The complimentary toolkit comes with a how-to guide and a full suite of employee communication materials. It also includes introductory presentations for leadership teams and employees, as well as a quick reference behavioral health resource guide.

NEW! Manager Communications
Give managers the tools to have open and supportive conversations with employees, spot signs of struggle and provide resources to make a difference.

You can download all the assets individually below.

Getting Started Is Simple

1. Address highly relevant topics

Use the communication material in the toolkit to help you connect with your workforce and foster open conversations about three critical behavioral health topics impacting us all today.


Understanding the power of our words to help prevent stigma and start healthier conversations about mental health.

Everyday stressors

Practicing healthy micro-habits — small achievable activities — to reduce stress and anxiety in our everyday lives.


Moving away from the “always-on mindset” toward a healthier work culture and resources for managing our workloads.

2. Customize the content to your needs

Download the materials that work best for your communication channels and use them alone or alongside existing communication programs.

3. Activate with ease

Follow the activation roadmap and usage guidelines to help you successfully reach employees online, onsite, or via company meetings.

Employee Communications

Download individual communication materials to connect with your workforce.

Learn and plan

How-to guide

Learn how to use the toolkit, set your activation plan, and track results.
Format: Interactive PDF



Leadership presentation

Educate your C-suite on the behavioral health challenges facing today’s workforce and how the employee communication materials can help.
Format: PowerPoint slides with key talking points


Employee presentation

Promote an open dialogue with your employees on behavioral health and introduce them to tools and resources available to help them manage their mental health.
Format: PowerPoint slides with key talking points



Manager communications

Communications for managers to help employees

Managers’ handbook and talking points to spot signs of employee struggle and for open and supportive conversations.
Format: PDFs

Social posts

Shareable materials on a variety of topics related to behavioral health.
Format: JPGs in zipped file



Slice-of-life, educational videos aimed at helping employees identify with burnout and caregiving, and learn how they can actively address it.
Format: mp4s

Lobby display screens

Large format digital displays highlighting helpful ways to address behavioral health challenges.
Format: JPGs in zipped file



Eye-catching and informative posters about the importance of focusing on behavioral health.
Format: Print-ready PDFs and zipped files of PDFs

Interactive PDFs

Animated and interactive infographic-style PDFs helping employees understand burnout and caregiving, and how to find the right support.
Format: Interactive PDFs

Direct communications


Tailored communications addressing employee behavioral health.
Format: HTML, GIFs, and PNGs in zipped files


Curated content on a variety of behavioral health topics.
Format: PDFs in zipped file


Share resources

One-page resource guide

Customizable template to summarize and promote the behavioral health resources available to employees.
Format: Editable PDF


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