Personal Health Profile Campaign

When people understand how family health history and personal lifestyle choices affect their overall health and well being, they can start making changes. Being educated and empowered are the first steps toward managing health and its associated costs.

The Personal Health Profile (PHP) campaign is part of a total population health management approach that:

  • assesses an individual’s risk level and targets follow up interventions based on that risk level
  • focuses on prevention, high-risk health behaviors, and the management of disease and illness
  • educates employees to take greater responsibility and a more active role in their health
  • promotes desirable behaviors among employees

Whether you are introducing a new wellness program or looking for a tool to help you evaluate if your current wellness program is working, the Personal Health Profile can help.

Getting Started

Select a campaign coordinator

To get started you will need to identify a campaign coordinator. The campaign coordinator should be someone who can devote the time required to plan, implement, and promote this campaign to ensure a successful outcome. The campaign coordinator is the person who, along with members of the wellness team, will coordinate and promote the program throughout the workplace, distribute information to employees about the Know Your Numbers Personal Health Profile campaign, and encourage employees to complete a Personal Health Profile.

Planning Tools

To assist you in launching your campaign, we’ve provided a variety of tools that you can download to help you plan, communicate, and implement this campaign.

  • Personal Health Profile planning and communication timeline
  • Senior leadership wellness program announcement
  • PHP announcement
  • Incentives

Incentives for a Personal Health Profile campaign

Incentives are important elements in the PHP campaign process. There are four general categories of incentives-trinkets and t-shirts; merchandise and gift cards; cash; and premium reductions. Each type of incentive will increasingly draw greater levels of participation. For example, if you offer participants t-shirts and other assorted trinkets like water bottles, you will generally get about 10-15% participation. When it comes to merchandise or cash, you can expect participation to increase to 50-60%. Finally, if you link the entire process to premium reductions on company-sponsored health insurance, you can expect participation rates in the area of 80%.¹

Some other suggestions include:

  • Use a lottery for selecting participants and give each one a non-transferable coupon with a stated value ($100).
  • Provide a specified amount of administrative time-off for participating in the assessment.
  • Offer prizes for departments  with the highest numbers and/or percentages of participants.
  • Offer a free pass for a limited time (14 days) at a local fitness club for assessment participants.
  • Offer to test spouses for free or at low cost.
  • Provide a bonus for use in the CDHP or FSA offered by the employer.
  • Provide for a cafeteria food or meal ticket for those who complete the wellness assessment.²

For information on coordinating a biometric screening event in addition to the Know Your Numbers Personal Health Profile campaign, contact your Independence Blue Cross Account Executive or Health Promotion Coordinator.

Additional supporting materials

What is the Independence Blue Cross Personal Health Profile?
The Personal Health Profile is a health risk assessment survey that  identifies health conditions you may be at risk for and then shows you how modifying different risk factors can improve your risk of developing chronic conditions. It also provides you with a highly personalized, insightful report and action plan with resources to help you maintain and/or improve your health.

Will my health information remain private?
Yes! All information obtained is personal and confidential, as protected by federal law. Your employer will not have access to your individual results. 

What kind of questions will you ask me?
The Personal Health Profile asks general questions about your current health, such as cholesterol level, blood pressure, height, and weight. It also asks questions about lifestyle choices that may affect your health, such as your exercise habits and your use of tobacco and alcohol.

What if I don't know my cholesterol level or blood pressure?
Don't worry! You don't need to fill in all the information to complete the Personal Health Profile. Of course, the more information you can provide the more accurate report of your current health status you'll receive.

How can I complete  the PHP?
Filling out the PHP is easy, but you must first register with Once you have a username and password, you can  begin your confidential Personal Health Profile by logging on to and clicking on the Personal Health Profile link under the My Health section.

What if I experience problems logging in to
If you experience problems setting up an account with, or if you forget your username or password, you should call Independence Blue Cross for support at 215-567-4002.

How long will the Personal Health Profile take me to complete?
It will take you about 15-20 minutes. 

How and when do I get my results?
As soon as you complete the PHP, you receive an online confidential, personalized wellness report providing current health status and individual risk factors. You can print your personalized report and save it for your records.

What should I do with the information I receive?
The information you receive should be filed with your personal medical information. It is also recommended that you give a copy to your physician so he/she may keep it on file.

What if I recently completed a Personal Health Profile, should I take it again?
You can take the PHP as often as you like. Health risks can change over time, and many don’t make you feel bad until you are well on your way to a serious problem. Through regular monitoring, you can catch any warning signs of serious health problems and take immediate steps to reduce those risks.
Is the PHP a validated HRA tool?
Yes. The score can be used to predict risk of illness, complications, high utilization, etc., and because the score is more meaningful, it can be used to show real improvement in health status.

Contact information

If you have questions about this campaign, or if you would like to send us your comments, please send us an email or contact your Independence Blue Cross Account Executive.

¹ Absolute Advantage, WELCOA-12 Steps to successfully implementing your health risk appraisal. David Hunnicutt, PhD

² Absolute Advantage, Designing Wellness Incentives. David Hunnicutt, PhD