WebMD Health Tools Take control of your health

Making a lifestyle change like losing weight or quitting smoking may seem overwhelming and costly, but ibxpress.com provides the tools you need to get started, set reachable goals, and track your progress — all for free. We also offer tools to help you understand your aches and pains.

Take a look at the popular WebMD health tools you can access through ibxpress.com:

Personal Health Record*
Create a Personal Health Record to keep track of your medical history and information, such as blood pressure, cholesterol, and dates of past doctor’s appointments, so it’s easily available when you need it.

Personal Health Profile*
Complete an online health assessment and get a personalized action plan to help you get healthier.

Health Messages*
Sign up to receive monthly electronic newsletters about a range of health topics. You can also choose to get email reminders for health screenings you need and new information about health issues that that interest you.

Educational Videos*
View short educational videos on any one of thousands of health topics.

My Health Assistant
My Health Assistant helps you set realistic goals and make small changes that can add up to a big difference. This tool delivers personalized, interactive, system-driven health coaching to help you take action and sustain healthy behaviors.

Symptom Checker
Get information about your symptoms to better understand them and to find out how to treat them. An interactive body map will help you to pinpoint your area of concern and get to the correct information for your symptoms.

* Requires Flash plug-in.

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