Our Position

The new Health care Law has forever changed the way we do business and we are prepared for what is ahead. At Independence Blue Cross we’re putting reform into action and are well positioned to help lead the industry forward.

The Independence Blue Cross Position on the Health Care Law

We fully support the Health Care Law.

We have long believed that everyone should have health coverage regardless of health status. We believe the law is an important first step toward comprehensive reform. Many provisions of the Health Care Law are positive, such as those that expand coverage of preventive care and that extend coverage to adult children who remain on their parents’ policies to age 26. In addition, the law will expand coverage to an estimated 30 million uninsured Americans.

But the law needs to do more than cover more Americans. Health care reform must go beyond significantly expanding access to coverage; it must also help lower high health care costs, which some economists say is the number one threat to our nation’s economy. The cost of medical care continues to rise dramatically, an issue that is largely unaddressed by the law.

All stakeholders in health care — doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, insurers, the government, and consumers — must work together to lower the cost of health care and raise quality.

Health insurance premiums are directly tied to medical costs. Two leading reasons why these costs go up are unhealthy lifestyles and aging. To lower costs, we need to find ways to encourage Americans to make healthy choices and protect their wellbeing as they age. At IBC, we’re investing in effective ways to turn the cost curve around.

The Health Care Law is just the beginning.

Passage of the Health Care Law is just the start of real health care reform. There are challenges ahead as the law is implemented and we see how it affects the health care system. Independence Blue Cross will continue doing our part to raise the quality of care and lower costs.

Find out how the new Health Care Law will affect you by choosing the option below that best describes you, or visit our Health Care Law FAQ.

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  • For Businesses: Find out how your business and employees are affected by Health Care Reform provisions, including costs, requirements and penalties.
  • For Providers: Resources and guides to help providers better understand the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act law.