More predictable costs and streamlined administration

Blue Solutions® Choice Private Exchange

With our Blue Solutions Choice private online health insurance exchange for small employers, we help make it easier for you to budget for health care costs and offer your employees a greater variety of plans to choose from.

How Blue Solutions Choice Works

  1. Set your health care budget. You determine a fixed dollar amount or percentage of premium that you provide your employees to spend on their health care coverage.
  2. Select between two and five plans. You have the option to offer your employees up to a maximum of five plans. You can choose from any of the plans in our Blue Solutions portfolio, with multiple options across all metallic levels. Please see our complete
    pdf icon2016 Blue Solutions Overview Brochure for plan benefits at a glance.
  3. Your employees shop for coverage online. Your employees log in to a secure website to compare and shop for plans and enroll in one that best meets their needs.