Dental Coverage
For groups with 51-99 employees

Independence Blue Cross (Independence) and United Concordia Dental, an independent company, work together to offer high quality, cost-effective dental plans to meet your needs and support the health of your employees. We offer dental plans to both fully-insured and self-funded groups.

PPO Dental Plans

The United Concordia PPO plans have access to an extensive national network of dentists. All plans cover oral exams, X-rays, cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants, and palliative treatments at 100 percent in- and out-of-network. Other services like oral surgery, fillings, crowns, bridges, and dentures are also covered services under all PPO plans.

Concordia Flex

  • Coverage: Your employees are covered at the same percentage amount whether they are seeking care in- or out-of-network.
  • Funding: Employer-funded, Voluntary (employee-contributory)
  • Flexible and affordable plan options: You have the option to add extra coverage to increase the value of your coverage or you can keep your costs lower without adding these services.

Concordia Preferred

  • Coverage: Your employees may have a higher coverage percentage for in-network services than out-of-network services.
  • Funding: Employer-funded, Voluntary (employee-contributory)
  • Comprehensive plan designs: Diagnostic, preventive and orthodontic services are covered in- and out-of-network.
  • Freedom of choice: Employees can choose any provider, but receive significant cost savings when they receive care from in-network dentists.

Compare the PPO dental plans.

DHMO Dental Plans

DHMO plans are a lower-cost alternative to PPO dental plans. Members choose a primary dentist who will coordinate all of their care

Preventive services like oral exams and cleanings are covered once every six months, with little to no copayment. Other services like X-rays, fillings, root canals, oral surgery, crowns, bridges, and dentures may also be covered; members are responsible for a copayment per service.

Concordia Plus

  • Funding: Employer-funded, Voluntary (employee-contributory)
  • Members receive savings through reduced out-of-pocket expenses, no deductibles, and no annual maximums.

Groups with Keystone HMO or POS can choose to add one of the following Keystone DHMO riders to their benefits:

Basic Dental

  • Employer-funded
  • Members have no deductibles and no annual maximums.
  • X-rays and fillings are fully covered after an office visit copayment.

Value Dental

  • Employer-funded
  • Members have no deductibles and no annual maximums.
  • Fluoride treatments are covered once every six months for children under 19 after an office visit copayment.

Compare the DHMO dental plans.

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Existing customers can contact your broker. If you are not currently an IBC customer, please call 215-241-2263.

* United Concordia is an independent company that administers and underwrites the United Concordia programs. The Keystone DHMO is underwritten by Keystone Health Plan East, Inc., and administered by United Concordia, an independent company.
For specific information on benefits, limitations, and exclusions, please refer to the applicable benefits materials. Review the United Concordia Companies, Inc. Regulatory Information.