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HSA and HRA Plans
Blue Solutions for small business employers

Our Blue Solutions Health Savings Account (HSA) and Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) plans give you flexible options when you’re looking to lower health care costs and offer your employees top-quality health coverage. They help you:

  • Save on premium. High-deductible health plans offer access to our Personal Choice® PPO network at a lower premium.
  • Save on taxes. There are potential tax advantages for you and employees because contributions to an HSA or HRA are not treated as taxable income if used for qualified medical expenses.
  • Encourage employees to become savvy health care consumers. Employees play a greater role in managing their health care purchases and using covered services appropriately.

HSA Plan Features

Employees are eligible to open an HSA for tax advantages and to save for deductibles and coinsurance:

  • Employee contributions to an HSA reduce their taxable income.
  • Qualified medical expenses reimbursed from the account are tax-free.
  • Interest earned is also tax-free when spent on qualified medical expenses.
  • Employer contributions to an HSA are considered business expenses and provide tax savings.
  • Log on to ibxpress.com for 24/7 account management.

Our BlueSaverSM HSA offers employees all the advantages of an HSA through Bank of America, an independent company, along with claim and payment integration to make account management easy.

Refer to IRS Publication 969 for more information about HSAs. Refer to IRS Publication 502: Medical and Dental Expenses for a complete list of qualified expenses.

HRA Plan Features

Employers are eligible to open an HRA for tax advantages and to help offset employees’ deductibles and other medical expenses.

  • Your contributions to the HRA reduce your taxable income.
  • HRA funds cover in-network claims within the deductible only.
  • Unused funds remain with you.
  • You only pay for HRA expenses after they occur, so you don’t have to set aside money upfront, which helps your cash flow.
  • Log on to ibxpress.com for 24/7 account management.

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