Application Process Now Closed

The 2016 Nursing Internship Program application process ended as of February 12, 2016.

EligibilityNursing Internship Program

To be considered for the Nursing Internship Program, you must:

What is Expected?

If you are selected to participate, you must be available to:

  • attend a one-day orientation on Monday, June 6, 2016
  • participate in the Nurse Leadership Labs on June 22, July 13, and July 27
  • work during the entire ten-week summer internship program beginning Monday, June 6, and concluding on Friday, August 12, 2016

You will not be considered for this internship program if you are enrolled in any summer day classes or have a week(s) vacation scheduled during this timeframe.

This is a paid, temporary position, Monday – Friday. Hours of operation may vary for community health center clinic internship assignments. Please note that nurse interns are not eligible to receive any benefits and will not be paid overtime, vacation, holidays, or sick time taken during the course of the ten-week program.

If extended an offer to be a student nurse intern, students must follow the Independence Blue Cross hiring process, which includes a criminal background check. Offers may be withdrawn for any candidate who fails to successfully complete the screening process.

Selection Process

Students who meet the eligibility criteria may apply to as many internship positions as available and of interest to them.

Undergraduate nursing student applications are reviewed and matched to internship assignment requests submitted by management at IBC or community health center clinics. Students selected by the requesting manager or clinic will be scheduled for an interview.

In assessing an application, some of the major areas of consideration include, but are not limited to:

  • student résumé and volunteer activities;
  • availability to attend the entire ten weeks;
  • classes and clinical rotations completed.

Interviews will be conducted in February and March following the application deadline.

While we thoroughly review every application/résumé that is submitted, due to the large volume of applications received, we do not have the resources to follow up directly with every applicant.

If you are selected to be interviewed for an internship, you will be contacted prior to April 8, 2016.