The Independence Blue Cross Actuarial Development Program Achieving an FSA

If you are a current Independence Blue Cross (Independence) associate who is working in the actuarial field, the Independence Actuarial Development Program offers you a unique career development opportunity. The program is designed to:

  • Promote a “well rounded” actuary,
  • Develop a sense of community via networking and sharing of best practices among individuals studying to be an actuary
  • Offer career development via a rotational program for individuals studying to be an actuary

The development program also offers time at work for study and flexible work schedules for scheduling actuarial exams and other continuing education opportunities.

Benefits of the Program

Flexible study time

You will be provided with time to study as you prepare for the actuarial exams. Please note that study hours are subject to change and vary by exam.

Career and professional development

Independence will help you to develop your actuarial career in the following ways:

  • Rotations. You will gain job enrichment and career development through a series of rotations within the Actuarial Department or other designated departments. Each rotation will enhance your skill set and competency level, thereby preparing you for a full understanding of the actuarial field as it relates to health insurance.
  • Salary and grade level increases. Salary and grade level increases recognize your progress toward Fellowship and are awarded based on exams passed. Once you meet the minimum years of experience and exam requirements, you may be eligible for salary-grade promotions. You will also be eligible for an additional base-pay increase upon attainment of Associateship or Fellowship status in the Society of Actuaries.


Independence will pay many of your fees and materials costs, including examination registration fees, study materials, and seminar expenses.

Program Methodology

The program offers the following features:

  • Rotations throughout the Actuarial Department and Independence
  • Semiannual review sessions with managers and the program facilitator
  • Study time and expense reimbursement.

Goals of the Program

Among the key goals of the Actuarial Development Program are:

  • Promoting successful attainment of the FSA designation
  • Giving associates a career development opportunity in the actuarial field
  • Developing and retaining a professional actuarial staff