Application Status How to help your customers apply

You can track the progress of an application through the underwriting process by using ROAM. Below is a listing of the various application statuses.

  • Application started: Consumer has started an application but has not completed and submitted it.
  • Application received: Application received in Medical Underwriting Department.
  • Underwriting ready: Application has been submitted.
  • In Underwriting: Application is under review by the underwriter.
  • Approved for issue: Approved for coverage at a standard medical risk. Applicants will see the status of “Approved for issue” when they log in to their account and will be automatically enrolled but not required to accept coverage.
  • Approved: Approval given at a standard rate, but formal acceptance of the offer is required before the case will be released to enrollment.
  • Modified approval: Approved at a substandard premium rate, approved with one or more family members declined, or approved with one or more family members declined and rated. Applicants with a “Modified approval” status are required to accept coverage before they are enrolled.
  • Declined: The application has been declined. Applicants will not see this status. They will see a status of “Closed” so that they do not receive a rejection online but will instead receive a formal notification by letter. They may be declined for medical or eligibility reasons or for nonreceipt of underwriting requirements.
  • Withdrawn: Applicant has withdrawn his or her application.
  • Closed: Status appears for nonreceipt of underwriting requirements.
  • Application expired: Applicant started an application but did not complete and submit it within 30 days of the application start date.
  • Offer expired: : Applicant failed to accept an approval offer within 30 days.
  • Offer rejected: Applicant has rejected health care coverage offer.
  • Application returned: Application is returned to the applicant for failure to complete all required information.
  • Accepted: Applicant has accepted health care coverage offer.
  • Appealed: Applicant has appealed declination or substandard rating.
  • Approved after appeal or Modified approval after appeal: Coverage offered to applicant after successful appeal. Reconsideration may be at either a standard or substandard rate.
  • Release to enrollment: Customer will be enrolled.

Online applicants can track the progress of their application at any time by logging into and viewing their account. They will also receive notice of requirements for additional information and of missing or incomplete information via email or letter. Applicants applying for coverage using a paper application will be informed of the status of their application by letter.