BlueSaverSM Health Account Solutions

Compare the three savings account options that can be paired with Consumerism plans.

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How the Plan Works Flex Copay Series

1. Choose a health plan

Choose from Keystone Health Plan East HMO, Keystone Point-of-Service, Keystone Direct POS, or Personal Choice® PPO.

2. Select a copay for office/outpatient care

Choose copayments for office visits, therapy, and diagnostic care. For example, select the $15/$30 option for $15 primary care and $30 specialist care copays. View copay options.

3. Select cost-sharing schedule for facility/ancillary care

This applies to hospital services, outpatient surgery, and emergency room care. Cost-sharing for inpatient hospital care ranges from $0 - $250 per day. View cost-sharing options.

4. Select out-of-network benefits

Keystone Point-of-Service, Keystone Direct POS, and Personal Choice PPO plans allow members to obtain care out-of-network. Choose from two benefit levels to cover out-of-network services. View out-of-network options.

5. Select prescription drug, dental, vision, and life benefits

Six prescription drug formulary options are offered through our Select Drug Program®. View Select Drug Program options.

Create a consumerism health plan option that combines quality health care coverage with access to a funding arrangement to assist employees in paying for health care needs by pairing a Flex plan with a BlueSaverSM Health Account Solution.