How Consumerism Works

Consumerism encompasses benefits structure, information and tools, financial incentives, and savings or investment options that support changes in health care and health care purchasing behavior. A recent McKinsey study shows that when all of these components are combined in an integrated program, enrollment is higher and the plans are more likely to be deemed very successful in controlling costs.¹ Independence Blue Cross (IBC) can help you design a program that includes all of these components.

Health Plans

Our consumerism health plans are designed so that employees have a greater role in managing their care and health care purchases. Our product portfolio includes Keystone Health Plan East HMO, Keystone Point-of-Service, Keystone Direct POS, and Personal Choice® plans.

BlueSaverSM Health Account Solutions (Savings Accounts)

Consumerism health plans typically have lower premiums, but higher deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. To encourage participation in Consumerism plans and help employees save for health care costs, we also offer BlueSaver Health Account Solutions savings accounts, including:

  • BlueSaver Health Savings Account Solutions (HSAs)
  • BlueSaver Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs)
  • BlueSaver Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

Health Resources and Outreach

IBC’s multidimensional outreach programs are personalized to the individual member. From the healthiest to the chronically ill, our programs touch every member and are driven by a shared purpose — to keep employees healthier and manage costs.

¹Vishal Agrawal, Paul D. Mango, Kimberly O. Packard, What Employers Think About Consumer-Directed Health Plans (The McKinsey Quarterly Web exclusive, July 2007) 3.