Consumerism Study

In August of 2008, Independence Blue Cross (IBC) conducted its annual health care consumer study to gauge the attitudes and behaviors of health care consumers. This year the study was conducted online with more than 1,000 insured consumers in the five-county Philadelphia area.

Market background

With health care costs continuing to escalate, employer and member expectations of their health plan are changing. Employers are expecting members to share a greater portion of the health care costs and to take active steps to keep healthy. As members take on more financial and decision-making responsibility for their health care, they have a greater need for information to assist in making good decisions.

Key findings

While the results of this study are extensive, here are some of the key findings:

  • High deductible health plans (HDHPs) are growing in popularity and current economic conditions may speed up their adoption as employers and consumers look for ways to contain health care costs.
  • Incentives make a difference. Consumers want to be healthy, especially if there’s a reward for doing so, and the vast majority of consumers report taking preventive health care measures.
  • The majority of consumers believe their health plan and employer want to help them improve their health.
  • Initiatives like No Pay Copay and Rx for Better Health have had a positive impact. Consumers are more willing to make behavior changes.

For more information, read The IBC Consumerism Study.