Payment Options

Once you have chosen your coverage, you will receive a monthly bill at the address you provided during open enrollment.

You have the option of paying your bill one of five ways:

  1. By mail (check only). If you choose to pay by mail, please send a check to the address provided on the bill.
  2. By phone (one-time payment only). You have the ability to pay your invoice quickly and easily, by calling the phone number provided on your invoice. Simply provide your bank account information to the customer service representative.

  3. By electronic funds transfer (EFT). It’s easy to sign up for EFT. Just complete the authorization form below and send it, along with a voided check or deposit slip, to the address below. Upon confirmation of your information and account status, the EFT program may begin as early as the following month. Please wait for written confirmation that you are enrolled in the program before you stop paying your bill by check.
  4. Through your bank’s bill payer technology. Many banks offer an online bill payer option that sends payment from your checking account. If you choose this option, you need to set up payment through your bank’s technology by providing information from your invoice, such as your bill account number, the payee, and amount to be paid. Payments are processed via Automated Clearing House (ACH) process.

    Note: This method of payment is not provided directly by Independence Blue Cross. Any questions on this option or payment problems will need to be directed to your bank.
  5. At our walk-in services center located at 1900 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA.