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Enrollment for Groups and Members
Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Step 1: Enroll a Group

Enrolling a group is simple. In addition to standard enrollment information, an Enrollment Request for The Bancorp Bank must be completed and submitted for each member enrolling in a Bancorp HSA.

For complete instructions on enrolling in a Personal Choice® HSA-qualified HDHP and a Bancorp HSA, select the appropriate checklist below:

Step 2: Enroll an Employee in a Bancorp HSA

Non-portal customers

  1. Each employee must complete an HSA Enrollment Request for The Bancorp Bank.
    pdf icon Download the HSA Enrollment Request for The Bancorp Bank.
  2. Submit Bancorp applications to Independence Blue Cross (IBC) with all universal member applications.
  3. IBC transmits the enrollment to Bancorp.
  4. If all required information is provided, Bancorp will enroll the employee in an HSA and mail a Bancorp welcome package.
    pdf icon Sample Bancorp welcome package
  5. The employee must complete and sign the signature card included in the Bancorp welcome package and return it to Bancorp in the business reply envelope enclosed in the package.
    pdf icon Sample signature card

Portal customers

To enroll employees in a Bancorp HSA, you must first select the employee in his or her Personal Choice HSA-qualified HDHP.

  1. In the Transactions menu, click Add New Plan Member.
  2. Enter the employee’s demographic information.
  3. On the Select Desired Filter Method screen, select the appropriate line of business from the Product Line drop-down box. Click the Next/Submit button.
  4. On the Select Plan screen, check the box for the medical plan the employee has selected.
  5. Click the Next/Submit button.

When Personal Choice HSA-qualified HDHP is selected, the Bancorp HSA page displays.

  1. Select Yes when a Bancorp HSA is offered and the employee should be enrolled in a Bancorp HSA, or
  2. Select No if a Bancorp HSA is not offered or the employee is not to be enrolled.

* The Bancorp Bank of Wilmington, DE, is a federally qualified bank offering HSA trustee services. It is not affiliated with Independence Blue Cross.

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